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~ Featured Notions ~

Red Snappers

Red Snappers are a system to load quilt tops and backs on machine quilting frames without using pins, zippers or Velcro. One set includes rods, clamps and instructions for 3 rollers. This package is all you need to conveniently load your quilts.

Available in 12' length only, $70

Red Snappers

Red E Edge

Lightweight side clamps that hold securely and evenly. SOLD AS A PAIR. These clamps are loved by longarmers because they hold the whole edge of the quilt steady and secure. Remember when choosing your length to allow enough wiggle room for you to move the machine over the edges to change the bobbin. Available in 16" length

Available in 16" length only, $30



~ A Few of Our Favorite Things ~




This polyester-reinforced cotton 100 ft bundle is exactly what you need to make fabric bowls/baskets. Price $6.95





Whole Cloth Grid

Vinyl printed grid Use as a template for designing Overall Size - 25" x 38" Grid Size - 24" x 36" Measurement - 1" grid in 1/8" increments Measurements are on the outside of gridded area. Guide lines - 22-1/2°, 45°, & 90°

Dry or Wet erase pens can be used on all of our printed vinyl templates to test your quilt designs. Once you complete your design simply transfer onto the Stitch-Away-Paper or use whatever transfer technique with which you are comfortable. Price $18


Whole Cloth Grid

The Corner Finder

This handy tool is a must-have in the quilting studio. Use it to find accurate placement of a quilting design (in odd shapes or even standard/square shapes). Not for use as a 'ruler' for ruler-work quilting.

Best for use with long-arm machines which utilize a "hopping foot." (select machine when purchasing).

NOTE: please provide outer diameter measurement of presser foot to confirm proper fit.

Price: $27.95

Use pull-down to select
Presser foot outer dimension




Piping Hot Binding Set

Susan Cleveland has done it! The Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool included in this kit helps make perfect piping by allowing an accurate seam allowance to be cut after the piping has been sewn. A 16-page booklet details every aspect of making perfect piping and adding it to beautiful binding with crisp corners and an invisible tail joining seam. 7 variations included. 5 yds cording included. $19.95


Piping Hot Binding Tool, Grande

Use with a rotary cutter and mat to trim a BIG piping's seam allowance for handbags, pillows and home dec (like original Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool but with wider, deeper grooves). Accomodates cording up to 3/16" in diameter. Trims seam allowances to 1/4" or 1/2". Designed for right- or left-handed use. Complete instructions for making perfect piping and using the tool included. Grande! Price $23.95



Softouch Spring Action Rag Quilting Snips

These Fiskars Snips easily cut through multiple layers and are ideal for cutting frayed edges. These snips also have spring action to reduce fatigue and a blade lock for safety when not in use.

Price: $22.99


Fiskars Snips

Easy Kut Spring Action Scissors

These scissors have a curved blade for easier cutting. Rainbow titanium oxide finish. Shear cut, lightweight, less hand fatigue.

Price: $12.95



Freezer Paper - small & large size

Because of it's ability to be re-positioned (over and over and over again!), there are lots of uses for freezer paper in your sewing/quilting studio:

Our 8-1/2" x 11" sheets are perfect for printing patterns or templates from your home printer (see owner's manual for any restrictions).

Our 24" x 36" sheets allow for more versatility in the studio...load onto frame for sample stitchouts, or cut to the size you need for the project you're working on.

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Omnigrip Ruler, 8-1/2"x12"

This handy ruler is the perfect size for most rotary cutting needs. Price: $17.95


All-in-One Quilter's Reference Tool

26 double-sided, wire bound color cards provide answers to quilters' most frequently asked questions. Includes yardage requirements, cutting instructions, setting secrets, piecing techniques, number conversions and more. Price $16.95




Binding Clips, set of 15

These snap-on clips hold the quilt binding firmly in place while stitching. Rustproof nickel-plated steel will not damage fabric. Price: $3.95


That Purple Thang

It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs! Price: $3.50



Spot-check your patchwork seam allowance with this handy tool. For best results, and accurate piecing, your 1/4" seam allowance should actually be a scant-1/4" This acrylic notion will help you find it! Price: $1.95


Safety Pin Grip Covers, package of 200

A great notion for use when Free Motion Assistant quilting, these will make your safety pins easier to handle, easier to use, also easier to find and pick up. They will help keep your pins from becoming tangled while being stored. Using safety pins with pincovers on them along with the Kwik Klip tool will help you baste your quilt faster and easier. They attach to #1 & #2,straight or curved safety pins. Safety pins sold seperately. Price: $11.95



Batt Scooters, An Essential Quilting Tool from Paul Reid

Are you using your Free Motion Assistant to quilt? These will make your machine quilting easy and relaxing. Batt Scooters are helpful for straight stitching with the walking foot and for free motion quilting. They give you the traction needed to ease the quilt sandwich through the throat of the sewing machine.

There are two sizes included. The smaller one, Baby Batt, goes under your right hand where the quilt is scrunched up and you have less room. Place the Batts on your quilt with the pointy sides facing each other, then cover them with your fingers, but leave your thumbs on the quilt fabric. You will be amazed at how easily you can move your quilt with these!

Price: $14.95


Fluff & Stuff, Machine Quilting with Paula Reid

DVD: 1 hr. 28 mins.

Is that stack of quilt tops getting higher and higher? Have you always wanted to take your machine quilting skills beyond the “ditch”? Do you want to learn free motion quilting? Have you seen Paula demonstrating machine quilting on Simply Quilts and wished the episode was longer?

Now you can learn the basics and more in your home as Paula walks you through batting choices, the types of needles and thread, how to pin baste correctly, choosing stencils, quilting, and moving those BIG quilts through a standard size home sewing machine.

Paula quilts approximately 100 quilts a year for her customers. About 75% of those quilts are at least double bed size. She uses her Fluff & Stuff method to move those big quilts through the machine and she will show you how to start Fluffing & Stuffing too!

DVD is viewable on both a DVD player and a computer. The bonus material is accessed by placing the DVD in your computer. It includes the following PDF-format material:

  • Tools of the Trade: Batting
  • Tools of the Trade: Needles
  • Tools of the Trade: Thread

Price: $39.95


Borders & Bindings, Finishing Your Quilt with Paul Reid

DVD: 1 hr. 38 mins.

You've pieced your patchwork, now what? Don't just slap on a border and binding and call it done...take time to continue the creative process, and do it right!

Learn the proper techniques and different styles for bordering your quilt. Paula will teach you the best methods for achieving a square quilt that's "bound" to turn heads! She walks you through border options - including a crumb-catcher - binding techniques - including prairie points - hanging sleeve construction, and more.

DVD is viewable on both a DVD player and a computer. The bonus material is accessed by placing the DVD in your computer. It includes the following PDF-format material:

  • Quilt Pattern, sample table topper for exploring border techniques and edge treatments
  • How to Measure to Accommodate Pieced Borders

Price: $34.95



Quilt Grips

These clever helpers are a must-have at the quilting frame! Floating your fabric/quilt top on the frame is easy with these handy notions, as they gently provide assistance for you down the length of the rail. (NOTE: when used on the Next Generation frame, additional padding may be required as a result of rail diameter.)

Select Quantity

Handy Helper Quilters Measuring/Centering tape

This double-sided measuring/centering tape is a must have in every quilters' studio. One side measures from 0" to 120". The other, centering tape side, measures 60" - 0" - 60". Price: $10.50 


Fabric Folding Pen

Draw a line with this pen and your fabric will stay folded without ironing. Great for use in fabric folded quilts, and fabric origami. When your pressing/ironing board is too far away, this is the perfect pressing notion to have at your sewing station. Better than finger pressing, the fabric folding pen will give you crisp seams ready for that next piecing step! 

Available as combo (shown) or refill liquid only.


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Hand-felted Pincushions

These unique, handcrafted pincushions are the perfect addition to your sewing table. Wool and mohair carded together are felted by hand to form this friendly little "apple" of a pincushion. The red cedar stand is pretty to look at and provides durability and usefulness. Available in a rainbow of bright colors, let us choose one for you! Made in the USA. Sizes include:

  • Ewe Baby - 2" wide, 2-1/2" tall...perfect for your sewing box, $10
  • Spool Cushion - This sewing aid saves time by helping you organize your sewing projects. A vertical dowel holds your specialized thread in place, while the wool-mohair pincushion stores your pins and needles. Base is made from selected red cedar.(2-1/2" wide, 3" tall), $16
  • Wrist Cushion - Unavailable at this time. This handy pincushion fits on your wrist, you always know where it is! $13 for regular size or $12 for small
  • Pins & Needles Cushion - Unavailable at this time. The newest addition! Two Ewe-baby sized balls on one base - 1 for pins and 1 for needles, $20
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Perfect Binding Miter

This handy little notion is great for getting the "perfect binding miter" on your machine applied binding. (You may have seen this demonstrated in some of our online classes.) Price: $5.50

Add-A-Quarter Ruler, 1" x 6"

With its built-in 1/4" lip, the Add-A-Quarter ruler is ideal for use with paper-piecing (also known as foundation piecing). Price $6.99

Add-A-Quarter Ruler

OmniGrid Rulers

These are great to have in your sewing/quilting notions kit. Place them right next to your sewing machine and there will be no doubt about the measurement of your seam allowance!

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Quick Easy Mitered-Binding Tool

This tool eliminates the frustrations associated with creating perfectly mitered and square corners. The ideal technique for finishing placemats - and large-sized quilts - using the backing fabric as your binding!



Quick Easy Border MiteringTool

This acrylic tool makes constructing mitered borders a snap. Fully illustrated instructions show how to achieve perfectly mitered borders, as well as utilizing backing fabric as binding. (You may have seen this demonstrated in some of our online classes.) Price $24.99


Schmetz Needles

A magazine of 10 needles for use with long-arm sewing machines, 134R. Price per magazine: $7.99

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Brass Seam Ripper

This beautiful, polished and lacquered brass seam ripper is a must-have! You'll feel good about ripping those seams as you hold this in your hand. The cap has a loop on the end, allowing you to insert a ribbon - both a practical and aesthetic idea. (left image shows cap closed) Price: $17.95


Brass Stiletto

This beautiful, polished and lacquered brass stiletto provides an extra hand (or finger?) when working at the iron or sewing machine. It'll help hold applique in place, guide fussy triangle corners under the presser foot, and many other uses. The cap has a loop on the end, allowing you to insert a ribbon. (bottom image shows cap closed) Price: $16.95

M-size Metal Bobbins

Package of 3 metal M bobbins. [Check long-arm sewing machine manual to confirm M is the correct size for your make/model of sewing machine.]

$7 Price includes 1st class shipping 


3 M Bobbins

Prewound "M" Bobbins, package of 6

Spend more time quilting and less time winding bobbins with prewound bobbins of 100% mercerized long-staple cotton machine quilting thread. Designed for longarm quilting machines, these paper sided ready wound bobbins have a consistent amount of tension and yardage you can depend on. Each contains 91 yards of thread per bobbin. Package of 6 bobbins; 1 each of cream, tan, dark gray, bright purple, bright blue, bright green. Price $6.95/package


Mbobbins, 6

Prewound "M" Bobbins & Bobbinsaver

Start a prewound 'bobbin stash!' We've loaded a Bobbinsaver with 14 prewound bobbins, perfect for any project you can imagine (2 each of 7 colors). Choose colorway below.

Price: $21.75

  • Bobbins by Superior Threads, 215 yards of high quality, 60 wt. lint free polyester.
  • Bobbinsaver will hold more 20 metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes. The flexible rubbery plastic expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it, so theads won't tangle or unwind


Choose colorway





Prewound "L" Bobbins, package of 10

Spend more time quilting and less time winding bobbins with prewound bobbins of 100% mercerized long-staple cotton machine quilting thread. Designed for front-loading bobbins on mid-arm quilting machines, these paper sided ready wound bobbins have a consistent amount of tension and yardage you can depend on. Each contains 92 yards of thread per bobbin. Package of 10 bobbins; colors include those shown (white, cream, blue, green, navy). Price $7.95/package


Thread Heaven

A thread conditioner that out-performs other conditioners in every way. It prevents thread fraying and tangling, and makes thread glide through fabric with very little drag. Price: $3.75


Easy Threading Needles

by Mary Arden; Fine English Quality Needles with a smooth gentle taper from eye to point, that are carefully inspected to make sure that they are free from burrs. They have a highly polished eye so there is never a danger of thread fraying or breaking. Easy Threading Needles sizes 4/8. 6 needles per card. Price $4



Glass Head Pins, 200 count

1-3/8", 0.50mm nickel-plated stell shafts with white heads. 200 pins in a plastic case. Stop melting the heads of your pins, get glass head instead. Price $6.99


28mm 2-in-1 Chenille & Rotary Cutter

The compact 2-in-1 chenille and rotary cutter is designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric with the 28mm Japanese stainless steel blade. Four interchangeable guides are included, for creating a range of narrow to wide stitching channels in a multi-layer faux- chenille technique. Price: $17.95


18mm Olfa Rotary Cutter

Perfect for intricate and detailed cutting of fabric and paper, plus cutting appliqué, curved quilt pieces, templates or trimming seams. Great size for taking with you to class! The blade is made of high quality stainless steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Designed for both right and left-handed users. Price $12.75


28mm Olfa Rotary Cutter

The razor sharp circular rotary blades made from high quality tool steel provide superior sharpness and edge retention. Features a straight, durable handle with a blade cover for safety. Designed for both right- and left-handed use. 28mm Rotary Cutter is perfect for small-scale projects, miniatures and tight corners. Great for use on delicate fabrics. Price $13.75


Vest Intentions Template Set

Making wearable art vests has never been simpler. Simply align your fabric or patchwork under the acrylic template and trim around the edges. Because the template is translucent, you can use it as a design tool, aligning your patchwork to your satisfaction. Use the sizing indicators in the template for different combinations of height and width. Template pack comes with front and back templates, instructions, and a complimentary vest pattern.

PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW STYLE (not shown): We have two important upgrades to the Vest Intentions Template is now a translucent orange/pink acrylic! Also, they are conveniently portable, no longer two huge pieces as shown. Both the front and back templates have been cut into puzzle piece shapes, making it easier for travel to/from classes. Price: $59.95




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